Our organization is defined by the people who champion it . We are a firebrand team of believers, who have chosen to commit themselves to the vision of Grassroutes.



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    Inir Pinheiro

    The man with the vision. A true believer, dreamer and nurturer. He is friendly to everyone except the camera.

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    Uday Nanda

    Catalyst of our growth. Hands down the coolest and smartest yet most humble person in the room. A traveler and wanderer.

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    Sushma Mishra

    Our favorite human and show-stopper. Lover and protector of animals and all things green. Too hard to not fall in love with this beautiful soul.

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    Richa Williams

    Bridging the gap between us and the outside world. Made of faith, love and food. She believes in her inner child, who isn't very bright.

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    Manoj Kadam

    The stronghold of our on-ground operations. Tougher than the rest.  

    All pun is intended and nobody is safe.

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    Jaywant Joshi

    Rockstar of the operations team. He adds innovation and passion to all he does. He can make stress look funny.

  • Our tourism initiative is community owned, managed and run.

    This means that when you are in the village, it is the local community that has primarily facilitated your experience and stay.
    Meet some of our stars!

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