• Entrepreneur Centric Incubation

    We are developing a microenterprise incubation program leveraging on the existing ecosystem by building the capacity and systems of existing partner NGOs. Entrepreneurship is a proven medium for the creation of jobs and livelihoods and we are here to make it possible.

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    The Need

    • Experts say 10 crores of new livelihoods are needed in 2021-2030
    • 36% of Indians believe unemployment is the biggest problem in the country (NSSO 2017)
    • Entrepreneurship is a proven medium for creation of jobs and livelihoods.
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    The Benefits

    • Micro-enterprises account for more than 99% of enterprises in India
    • They employ 107.6.2 million people, accounting for around 97% of total employment in the sector
    • A eport by GOI on MSMEs said that socially backward groups own almost 66.27% of MSMEs.
  • Our Intervention

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    Financial Linkages
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    Government Schemes
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    Market Linkages
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    Capacity Building
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    Documentation Support

  • Entrepreneur Ecosystem in India

    The Current Incubation Ecosystem

    • Fastest growing and amongst the world’s largest
    • Enabling ecosystem support through government policies, schemes, and programs
    • The focus is on ‘Start-Ups’ and not micro enterprises

    Our Approach of Micro-Entrepreneur Ecosystem

    • Government and NGO focus is on capacity building
    • Existence of many Government Schemes for micro-enterprise financing
    • Government Departments are understaffed and work in silos
  • Our Principles

    Contextual and Local

    We provide microentrepreneurs contextual learning, which is customized for their reality.


    We are working with existing ecosystems (private, government and NGOs to deliver support

    Robust and Regular Touch Points

    The variables (personally and professionally) for micro-entrepreneurs are extremely dynamic, as they need frequent hand-holding, coaching, and mentoring.