• "The soul of India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

    Most travelers come to India and visit the usual suspects. How about experiencing something different - how about experiencing the REAL India. She is beautiful, diverse, culturally rich, nature's wonderland. How about having a chance to witness this magic in a safe, welcoming and pure environment!


    Grassroutes has scoured literally hundreds of villages. We ride around for days on motorcycles, meet long forgotten tribes, live with hunter gatherers... to bring you the best. Our locations are all hand picked for their beauty, culture, uniqueness, and most of all - their people.

  • The Village

    By David Boni

    David was at Purushwadi to shoot for a film on social enterprise, and went back with some amazing footage. Over the 3 days we had a mix of torrential rainfall and beautiful sunny blue skies.

    David has shot films for Manchester United and Andy Murray, and as a photographer and traveler with over 20 years experience, said that Grassroutes villages have some of the most beautiful natural lighting, landscapes, people and scenery... and that a visit to Purushwadi is very special!

    We agree!! And invite you to experience some of these amazing moments. The Village showcases some snippets into the lives of the people at Purushwadi and the scenes are typical of a Grassroutes experience. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

  • The Grassroutes Experience - Traditional, Authentic Rural Living


    Ploughing, Harvesting, Sowing, Chaffing, Plucking...

    Live the Rural Life

    Draw Water from the Well, Milk a Goat, Chop Wood, Plaster cow dung...

    Rural Games and Sports

    Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Wrestling, Lagori, Slingshot, Tyre Race, Marbles...

    Authentic Village Experience

    Experience local Cuisine, Sleep in Village Homes, Village Festivals…


    Yoga, Photography, Fitness Boot Camp, Cycling Tours...

    Explore Nature

    Forest Walks, Nature Trails, Bio-Diversity Tours, Sunrise and Sunset Treks...


    Bird Watch, Stargaze, Meditate in the Hills, Swim in Rivers, Bonfires at Night, Crab Fishing, Climb Trees, Campsight Fun...


    Interact with local NGOs, Warli Art, Resource Optimization, Simple Natural Living...

    Recharge & Rejuvenate

    No Cars, No Horns, No Crowds.. Just Nature and Hospitable Caring People...

  • Current trips

    Come... Wander... Experience...

  • 8-9 April 2017

    The School for Summer Vacations


    13-14 May 2017

  • Our villages

  • Purushwadi

    The village atop a mountain. The land where fireflies dance.


    The village in cradle of mountains. The land of a thousand waterfalls.


    The village of the Warli tribes.

  • Our Journey

    Connecting Rural and Urban India

    Complete Off-Grid, Eco Friendly Rural Experiences

    We are committed to helping the urban world meet and discover rural India. Off-grid, rustic and authentic holidays with rural people and tribes - so that people from across the world can experience Indian villages in their most authentic forms.


    Through our holidays, we want rural communities to celebrate their lifestyles, traditions and environments.


    Outlook Business 2009 considers Grassroutes as one of the Top 50 social ventures in India.

    For our Guests

    Unveiling the Real India

    Ever wondered what life is like, just 200kms or less from the city center?


    Do you know how glorious and age-old Indian traditions and lifestyles are still very much alive and working even in today's age?


    Do you sometimes feel like just getting away, blending into nature - surrounded by simple, beautiful people.. where phones dont work, your laptop wont charge and wi-fi is just not an option?


    This is what we provide. Amazing experiences, stories and a choice of 101+ rural activities.

  • Our Impact

    At Grassroutes, we combine our efforts with a social mission - to create 1 million livelihood opportunities in rural India.

    25% increase in average

    annual household income

    6,000 - 8,000 days of employment created annually per village

    Reduced migration to cities due to creation of livelihood opportunities

    Conservation of bio - diversity

    Revival of local arts & crafts

    Change in aspirations - of villagers

    & clients

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