"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness."

    ~ Mark Twain

  • The Grassroutes Experience

    Ever wondered what life is like just 200 kms or less from the city center?

    Explore Nature

    Forest walks, nature trails, taste forest produce, bio-diversity tours and birding,


    Plough and harvest, sow seeds, learn sustainable farming techniques, feel the earth.

    Authentic Village Experiences

    Experience organic homegrown food, be a part of local festivals and celebrations.

    Curated Workshops

    Yoga, photography, fitness boot camps, treks, fishing, cycling tours...

    Play Rural Games

    Engage in a friendly game of kabaddi, kho-kho, wrestling, lagori, tyre race or marbles.

    Enjoy Off-beat Holidays

    Break free from pollution, noise, technology and the bustle of the city.

    Live the Rural Life

    Draw water from a well, milk a goat, chop wood, learn the many uses of cow dung.

    Recharge & Rejuvenate

    Stargaze, meditate in the hills, swim in rivers, bonfires at night, crab fishing, climb trees.

    Unlearn & Learn

    With local NGOs and enterprises, discover an organic way of life.

  • The Village

    By David Boni

    David was at Purushwadi to shoot for a film on social enterprise, and went back with some amazing footage. Over the 3 days we had a mix of torrential rainfall and beautiful sunny blue skies.
    David has shot films for Manchester United and Andy Murray, and as a photographer and traveler with over 20 years experience, said that Grassroutes villages have some of the most beautiful natural lighting, landscapes, people and scenery... and that a visit to Purushwadi is very special!
    We agree!! And invite you to experience some of these amazing moments. The Village showcases some snippets into the lives of the people at Purushwadi and the scenes are typical of a Grassroutes experience.

  • Reviews

    Read what our guests say about us.

    Sonali Kulkarni

    "We went to Purushwadi to see fireflies. It was absolutely magical, poetic n surreal. Thank you Grassroutes for this amazing experience which includes dam, sky, trees, river and no network."

    Nisreen Electricwala

    "A very big thank you to the Grassroutes team for making our visit to Purushwadi a wholesome experience that will stay with the children always."

    Rafaela Huonder

    "I had a wonderful time in Purushwadi discovering a unique lifestyle. Benny was a great guide! And the camp site was top notch."

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